This is the place for you

Think about your perfect vacation?

Is it with your family?

Enjoying nature


Is it with your furry friends?

Free and happy


Is it romantic?

So you share your feelings


All together

In between Pesaro, Fossombrone and Urbino, only 25 minutes from the beautiful beaches of Fano. This is the place where you will experience tradition from local people, nature parks, open fields, farm animals… celebrate nature. An unforgettable connection for you and your kids.

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Vacations for your pets too

Our hospitality is here not only for people but for your pets too, either you have a dog or a cat, they will feel loved at La Valle dell’Olmo. They will enjoy this paradise as the best vacation ever, many different tracks for them to run free and explore, a lot of fun! Be ready to get some “time-off” request from your pet next year, they will certainly ask for it!

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A romantic get-away

Spend some private time, enjoy a relaxed atmosphere to give and receive attention with your loved one. Our apartments are fully furnished with kitchen, big bedrooms, fireplace… so you are sure you won’t be disturbed by anyone.

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To find out what is expecting you at La Valle dell’Olmo, in between the beaches of Fano and history of Urbino